Saturday, October 15, 2011


How to state whether a particular task is possible or not?It is simple to prove that it is possible.How?Do it.
If you want to prove that it is impossible,first you have to give your 100% and fail.Only then you can say that it is impossible.But the moment you say this,you have proved that you have not given your 100%.Because giving 100% excludes you from accepting failure.
This shows that it is not possible to prove the impossibility of a task.
      Everybody knows the time value of money but one has to understand that time is the biggest asset,not money.You have to consider the time value of time too.The more time you have spent the more is the value of each succeeding moment.For example in an objective exam,the last second bubble is almost priceless. If you don't understand the value of this asset(i.e time)  then you are it's liability.And there is nobody who doesn't want to get rid of their liabilities,especially not time.So instead of saying "it is impossible", why don't you rather prove otherwise?It is more likely that you will succeed.