Monday, November 1, 2010

Secret of Happiness

When i was in class 10th everyone used to tell me "Study for the boards.After that you will be free.".I studied hard hoping for future happiness.As soon as i finished my board exams i joined Bansals.They said "Study hard for just 2 years.After you clear JEE you can do whatever you want and you will be happy." After entering IIT profs tell you the same thing and after getting a JOB your boss will be no different to you. And one day on your deathbed you will wonder "What did i do in life."

Listening to the people all the time is going to take you nowhere.People are using happiness as a bait so that you follow them around and wipe their ass.Happiness is not about satisfying others,its about satisfying yourself.TOTAL Happiness is the integration of the "dx" happiness you get everyday.People get so involved in their future plans that they forget the importance of this "dx" element.Think and work hard for what you actually like and do this daily.I assure you that when you fulfill these things you will get immense satisfaction.As a personal example it took me over a month to learn this but i can never forget the day i was able to do it for the first time .

This may seem to be stupid to you but you know what,i don't give a rats ass.Happiness varies person to person.People work all their life hoping for a Happy Ending.But i don't care just about happy ending.I want to be happy till the ending.
The moral here is that if you want to be happy throughout your life don't care too much about what others expect from you.Trust your instincts and fight for your passion and i guarantee that one dayour heart will hug your brain.Thats why i say "APNA KAAM BANTA,TO BHAD ME JAE JUNTA" (There is a dirtier version of this quote but i wont mention it in this blog)


  1. the fact about ppl saying "study for just 2 years" is sooo true :D

  2. faad likha hai bhai..RESPECT..!!

  3. Dude i want to add one more thing or you can say my philosophical thoughts about the secret of Happiness that "In this real world happiness is nowhere it is just ending point of the water slide and sadness is the starting point of the slide.
    Just think about that moment when you are standing at the starting point of the slide, at that time you have a feeling that why would i come here its very high.
    But at the very moment when you give it a shot ant the end of the slide you feel a great happiness.

    So i just want to say that " agar ghum nahi to khushi ka ehasas nahi hota "
    so First learn how to make thing worse and then learn how to convert them into the happiness.... :) :) :P

  4. @ above-i respect and appreciate your appreciation...

    @apputhegreat-Firstly i am really glad you wrote about your thoughts...I agree that "agar gam hoga to khushi ka ehsas jyada hoga"....but i beg to differ about your point of view can always make things worse and feel better after improving....but i believe that life should not be like a sine curve....happiness should be continuously increasing and one should try to keep the slope so high that even "time" will have tough time moving ahed..

  5. but dost just make sure that slope wouldn't be that steep that when you caught by a small problem then you will just roll down to the starting point.

  6. lolz...problems will always be there no matter what....we have to be happy despite that