Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sri Sris Of the Oval World

No no no no no. This article has nothing to do with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or The Art Of Living. It is all about the art of fixing, setting, betting and scamming used by the white and blue collared legends in the cricketing world.
One of the Sri's, Sreesanth revealed many startling and queering facts about the recent spot fixing scandal in an exclusive interview. Although he accepted taking part in the fixing, he took umbrage of the allegation that he bowled the over badly on purpose. "That's ridiculous" he said ."I don't take money for bowling bad. Bowling bad is my intrinsic nature. I deliver good when compensated." The statement raised more questions than it answered. It led to the logical next question "If bowling bad is your nature then how do you manage to bowl good when required." "That's the real question. See, the outcome of a delivery depends on the performance of both Batsman and the Bowler" he smirked. "So...?" i asked in curiosity. "I pay a part of my compensation to the Batsman on Crease to bat bad. That's how i do it". "But then how does the batsman know beforehand that he is going to bat when you bowl ?" "Arey bhai...Are you an idiot or a reporter. Can't you even make this out. He doesn't know that beforehand. I deal with him on the spot. That's the reason it is called spot fixing. Duhh." " Ok ok Sree. There is just a last questions our readers would want to know. If you did not bowl bad that Over on purpose, why did you show your towel ?." "Actually it was the indication that i wasn't going to bowl as per the plan. Mera Zameer jaag gaya tha us waqt." he sobbed. "That was the first time i felt that i was betraying my nation and fans. See how luck works. Humko mili uski saza, jo hum khata kar na sake ." he continued quoting a popular phrase. He admitted regretting his decision to fix. He still misses the ODI World Cup victory. His smile used to be golden then. It was a sign of his integrity. Later, it got disintegrated by the lust for money, women and ego. Now he go's to jail and his future seems to be fixed.
Well, that was all we could get from Sreesanth. Stay tuned for the encounter with the other Sri.