Sunday, February 28, 2010

theory of selflessness

no one in this world can ever be selfless.
let me prove this fact to can be easily proved using contradiction.
lets assume that there is a person who is totally selfless.this person always does things for others.but there is one question.why would he/she do something like this?
the answer is obvious.because it makes him/her happy by making others happy.but it also makes him/her happy.which means he/she is doing it for him/herself.that makes him/her selfish.
this cant be true(contradiction).hence our assumption is wrong.
hence proved.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

copy in indian music

you must be aware that most of the greatest songs in todays movies are copied.
so many musicians copy mostly from western music or from previous hits.

one of them i really admire is pritam.
this guy not only copies from great song it is very difficult to find out that he is really copying.his greatest hits -gangster,race,bhool bhulaiya etc are copied.
if u dont believe it watch this

one thing i like is that he copies from japanese ,chinese and even korean songs.the songs we have never heard before.
many people choose to criticize him but really like his work.
because if he didnt have copied,india would never have heard such a great music .
nice work pritam da .

Monday, February 8, 2010


i feel disappointed when i work hard and fail
but i hate myself when i fail to work hard

Thursday, February 4, 2010


this was my status msg in the last sem but still i want to share this

ek macchar admi ko hijda bana deta hai,

ek admi macchar ko bhavra bana deta hai,

rishwat do to policewala bhi thappa laga deta hai,

exam ke liye padh lena doston ..warna

..warna peace prof bhi fakka laga deta hai .

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


when madhavan and sharman confront javed jaffery in his bathroom they drop the lid of the lota in the toilet and after the are done they are done they hand lota to him with no lid.but when they are gone javed open the lid. where did that come from???

Monday, February 1, 2010


you must have come across this very common funda- if event A occurs then B occurs
but when B occurs A may not necessarily occur.
there are some interesting analogies-
1. jab tum class jate ho tab tumhari attendance lagti hai .jab tum class nahi jao tab bhi tumhari attendence lag sakti hai.

2.when you make mistakes you get screwed . u can get screwed even without making mistakes.

3.when you crap u piss.............

corollary to the previous

distribution of income of India is highly uneven
the rich are getting richer poor are getting poorer.if we consider the income to be highly even ie everybody earns the same(ideal condition) then the individual income=average income that is Rs 3,000 pm.
imagine this situation.
no one can afford a car.there will be hardly any laptops.India will reach anarchy.