Friday, November 26, 2010


Whenever someone tells you to do the RIGHT THING he/she is telling you to do what they want you to do.In reality the right/wrong and morals are all a personal opinion.One particular thing may be perfectly right according to someone while someone else may think that it is highly immoral to do.For example a thief may think it is right to steal while the one getting robbed will obviously think otherwise. 
I don't know why these things are standardized by people.And don't get me started on Law.There are only two type of people who don't break the Law.One are those who respect the Law(which are quite less in percentage).While most don't break the Law because they are too afraid of getting caught.
Many also say that the TRUTH always triumphs or Satyameva Jayate.But they are actually playing a cruel trick on you.All that is just a piece of bullshit.It is always the BETTER that wins.Because Truth and Lie aka (Sach aur Jhoot) are just facts while RIGHT AND WRONG are personal opinions.Never get confused between TRUTH/LIE and RIGHT/WRONG as they are independent of each other.All the ancient history and most of the fictions want you to believe that GOOD people always win and BAD people die in the end. But the fact is that they don't die because they are BAD,they die because they are not good at it.
So what should one do?
I think everyone should do what they think is RIGHT and should not bother about  the morals because morals come from heart and everyone has a unique heart.Otherwise they are just cowards.And no matter what you do always try to get better.Even if you are the best,it doesn't mean you are good enough.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


This is what happened when i was travelling from kgp to baroda
I thought it would be too boring as none of my friends were in the train...
I was listening my i pod and suddenly a boy of around  half my age poked me
i said "what"
Boy-tell me a story...
Me-are u kidding me..
Boy-hey i am a kid ..kidding is my right....but i am not..
Me- go to your parents.....
Boy-they are asleep...
Me-so you go and sleep....
Boy(snatches my ipod)-if you dont tell me a story i will throw it outside...
i was shocked....the boy was a genius
Me-ok fine...what kind of story you want to hear...
Boy-what do you have
Me-what do you want...
Boy-what are my options....
Me-you have 2 options...give my ipod now or listen to what i tell
Boy-ok...tell me

so here goes my story...

God and Satan are in a fight to decide who rules the earth...
both God and Satan are very tired during the fight....both don't see the outcome of the fight...

Satan-see this isnt going anywhere....
God- i see....we will be so tired that earth will have no ruler....
Satan-lets settle this then....
Satan-i dont know...why do i always have to think...
God-ok..let me think..yeah agree that i am the controller of good and you are the controller of evil...
Satan..yes..but what that has to do anything to do with this fight.....
God-it is important ...let the one who is more committed to his belief be the winner...
Satan-seems fair...
God-ok let me go first...
Satan-why do you get to go first?
God-do you want to go first?
God-then shut ur mouth...

God-The magnitude of good in this world is always greater than that of evil......
Satan-how do you figure....
God-because statistics show that more people believe in me than you and that too by a huge i win  
Satan-but we agreed that who is more committed to ones belief will be the winner...
God-so what.....people on earth don't believe your belief is weak
Satan-my belief does not require people to believe in you are wrong...
God-okay i do good things to everyone one the planet..
Satan-so what.....i do bad things to everyone...
God-there it is...u don't discriminate people while doing evil....discrimination is a part of evil....that means you are not pure evil have some voids...

And that is how god defeated Satan..              
The kid was yawning
Me- so how do you like the story..
Boy-it i am really feeling sleepy..
Me-Of course it is a kid story...but whats important is what you learn from tell me...what is the moral?
Boy-good always wins over bad..
Me-no,thats not the moral....the moral is....god is a great politician...  
Boy-So am i....(and runs away with my ipod).....

                          THE END

Ab mujhe neend aa rahi hai

Monday, November 1, 2010

Secret of Happiness

When i was in class 10th everyone used to tell me "Study for the boards.After that you will be free.".I studied hard hoping for future happiness.As soon as i finished my board exams i joined Bansals.They said "Study hard for just 2 years.After you clear JEE you can do whatever you want and you will be happy." After entering IIT profs tell you the same thing and after getting a JOB your boss will be no different to you. And one day on your deathbed you will wonder "What did i do in life."

Listening to the people all the time is going to take you nowhere.People are using happiness as a bait so that you follow them around and wipe their ass.Happiness is not about satisfying others,its about satisfying yourself.TOTAL Happiness is the integration of the "dx" happiness you get everyday.People get so involved in their future plans that they forget the importance of this "dx" element.Think and work hard for what you actually like and do this daily.I assure you that when you fulfill these things you will get immense satisfaction.As a personal example it took me over a month to learn this but i can never forget the day i was able to do it for the first time .

This may seem to be stupid to you but you know what,i don't give a rats ass.Happiness varies person to person.People work all their life hoping for a Happy Ending.But i don't care just about happy ending.I want to be happy till the ending.
The moral here is that if you want to be happy throughout your life don't care too much about what others expect from you.Trust your instincts and fight for your passion and i guarantee that one dayour heart will hug your brain.Thats why i say "APNA KAAM BANTA,TO BHAD ME JAE JUNTA" (There is a dirtier version of this quote but i wont mention it in this blog)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In every stage of your life people are going to say to you "you cant"....and by "people" i not only mean people in general....i mean your friends,close relatives,famous theories and even your brain is going to say these words....but before this thought reaches your heart i want you to ask yourself one question "have you even tried?"
                         The only limit in this world is that there are no limits. All other limits are meant to be crossed and records are meant to broken.Being a sportsman i have realized that "you are not what you think you are,you are always better".So the bigger you think the greater will be your potential. 
Many times during rallies i thought  that it would be impossible for me to reach the shuttle but eventually i have surprised myself..although i wasn't able to reach the next shuttle because i was too much startled by my reach...

Many people claim to be optimistic but in reality most of them are not.Sometimes i have observed my friends who had and still have great vision,but there is no action from their side.I Often ask them "Its such an awesome idea.Why don't you do it" and i get disappointed by their reply ie"If it were such a great idea then why didn't anyone in the past did it"....I mean how can you underestimate yourself like that.Don't you have any self respect.....I am not claiming to be perfect here but i really think people should believe in themselves..
One thing i have learnt from this experience is that change is going to happen no matter what....why don't you be the reason for it.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Let me tell you a story of a man who lost his eye in an accident...He was highly depressed.....After few days he committed suicide.....Here i quote his suicide note...."I lost my eye in an accident....i was depressed but still had a will to survive.....then yesterday i saw a man who was blind since his birth........then i realized that he didn't know what he was missing....but i do....and that it killing me here i eliminate the pain forever"

I am sure you think that the guy is stupid..Of course he questions about that.....he was the biggest idiot on the ass of the earth...yeah he doesn't deserve to be on the face of the earth....But he has done something which always inspires me when i feel low..

Whenever i fail to do what i had planned....whenever i have a hard time .....whenever life kicks me in the face,ass,or the nuts .....i think about the man from the above story...which makes me feels so much better about myself......
Everything depends on the point of view....One says "oh my god....exams"...Other says "wow more labs "

The moral is that always try to see the bright side no matter what position you are in know why ...because it gives happiness and you know what is more important than happiness ..........NOTHING ....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Way

i am gonna take the high way
no matter how much toll i have to pa
i dont give a crap to what u sa
i m gonna do it my wa

i know that people hate me
and critics always underestimate me
you think you are better then fight me
cant even do that then just bite me

this is not just another verse
i m gonna take the whole universe 
even if its cigar or the milky wa
i am gonna do it my wa

i am gonna break the mountain 
till the lava comes out like fountain
i dare devil to cross my lane
he dosent know what i contain 

i am gonna take the skyway
i got the wings now.. wat u say
i dont believe in your cliche
i am gonna do it my way

all suggestions are welcome...i will try to make it better....also there is a possibility of a rap-- courtesy pankaj 

Sunday, September 19, 2010


All those who say "I am not afraid" are lying including EMINEM.....The main reason that people say this is that they are too afraid to accept their fear.But they don't understand that it is okay to be afraid as it is impossible not be afraid of anything.
Generally people don't understand the power of fear.Fear should be considered as an asset and not a liability.Fear can help you to do those things that you never imagined you could do.U just need to know how to use your fears.U know when you fight against your fear and become successful,it is one of the greatest joys.Thats where courage comes into picture.If there is no fear..u can never be courageous.

One way to fight against your fear is by using your other fears.Its similar to the concept of paying off the debt by taking another loan.I can quote my own example here.When i was a child i was afraid to jump over a fence having barbed wires.One day while playing cricket our ball went on the other side.So i went to the other side using the door.While i was searching for the ball a group of straydogs started to chase me..Oh i forgot to mention about my fear of dogs.Ok so they barked and i was so terrified that i jumped over the fence and without any scratch. And yes i got that ball and felt like i had two more.

So the lesson here is never let the fear come in the way of what you want.Next time you want something go for it and if you feel afraid think "if you dont do it now you will never be able to do it".If you still are not able to do it then remember that if you don't eliminate this fear,i am going to kick you in the rear...and i wear all the best and happy fear fighting..

Friday, August 13, 2010


"Those who have never failed have never lived".Its strange but this quote makes more sense only after failure.
No one likes to fail......but doesn't matter how much u try hard it is impossible to avoid it everytime.....
Even the most successful people in the world have tasted defeat..but the way they bounce back make them who they are...Failure should be looked as growing opportunities because the joy of success tastes much better if you have fallen many times to achieve it......Failure doesn't mean "its time to quit".....failure is the indication that " its time to change your strategies" .....Remember that failures do not suck....people who whine about it do ....Dont  worry if you fail after giving your best shot...worry only if you fail to give your best shot.....When things are in your hands.....fight for them and when they are not always try to see the bright side....Even failure has a bright side.....Assuming that there are fixed no of failures in your life.....the more you fail the probability of success increases.....I was supposed to write this article for a magazine....but now that i failed to do it in time.....i tend to think "who reads that magazine anyways"..

Monday, July 5, 2010


Many times in life man goes through a situation where he has to choose between two which he likes and other which he is good at...and either choice he makes he is going to look back to this situation...
and he doesn't want to lose what should he do??
Although some go for money and some go for passion i beg to differ..
If you are confident that your passion is going to earn you money then you should go for it...otherwise you should go for money...dont let your passion become your obsession...but dont let yourself forget it and design a mechanism such that you will get back to it..
Even chetan bhagat wasn't sure about his writing he went for money...but he didnt forget about his passion and when he became confident about choosing passion as his carrier...he quit his job....
I know many wont agree to this but they should understand the importance of money too...those who think money cant buy happiness don't know how to use it....although your passion is very may not necessarily make you rich....just because you like something dosent mean you have to get pigeonholed in that...
I am not saying to forget your passion...i am just saying that you will enjoy your passion better if you have money to rely just need to be patient....because to gain something you need to loose something....or in other words sometimes to become immortal you need to DIE(ref..

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


prerequisite-AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD....

ooh... actually that was not the way i woke up...this is what exactly happened before i woke up

ME-(to myself-wow i became the first person to get immortal by dying.)
        look i won the were so wrong.even your so called rules have loopholes.
VOICE- may be my system have some flaws but who doesn't have flaws.
ME-i don't have flaws.look i became immortal.i will live till eternity.
VOICE-you just forgot actually are not immortal..
VOICE- you wished to live as long as you wanted,not till eternity.check the transcript.
ME-oh no...
VOICE-you are trapped now..
ME-wait..i will now live as long as i want.And i want to life forever.
VOICE-you are wrong again.what you want now doesn't matter.what you will want in future matters...haven't you learnt anything from the movie"21".you forgot to account for the variable change.
ME-but i will always want to life forever.
VOICE- will live till you want.but what you want in future is not in your hands now.i will make your life will beg for death.
ME-i will never wish for death,no matter what....
VOICE- you are again forgetting something.this is your dream.but when you wake up you will have no memory of this dream.and i will make sure you wish for death one day.
ME-please don't do that...
VOICE-perhaps we can make a deal....your life will be that of an average human but i will make sure you will enjoy a lot..
ME-ok ok....but why do you want to do this?
VOICE-didn't i tell you...i was bored ....and you actually thought i didn't know you were going to suicide....
ME-then why do you play such pranks?
VOICE-it amuses me... and more importantly you had become arrogant and overconfident....somebody had to show you your right place...

Friday, April 23, 2010


I never understood the real meaning of the saying "if winning isn't everything then why do they keep score".I asked my friend about it and he said that keeping score implies that winning is everything.But when i thought about it i felt that keeping score dosent say anything about the importance of winning.Score is kept only to see the magnitude of the fight.If winning were everything then no one would keep score.It would just be win or loss.
When i was a kid people used to tell me "winning isn't everything..what matters is that you tried hard".
Most of the times i ignored what they told me.But as grew i realized that they were right.I found out that what really mattered was how much i played.Of course i loved winning but i didn't mind losing as long as it was fun.
Whenever we chose teams i used to choose the weak team deliberately just because i got to play more in that case.I didn't care if my team lost as long as i enjoyed playing.
When it came to individual games i liked to win everytime.But as i won too much,it wasn't fun anymore.I didn't like playing with weaker opponents.I only enjoyed playing with those who were equal or better than me.I could improve my game only that way.Then i wanted to lose but not deliberately.I wanted to lose only after giving my best.The one thing i have learnt by all this experience is that winning and losing is part of every game and if you have to stay in the game you cant win everytime.Now i don't play for the sake of winning i play for the sake of the game.
Thats the reason i don't want to come first.Because if i do so i cant improve further.Coming 2nd is perfect coz not only it feels satisfied enough  but also it gives the room for improvement.But is good only when you have given your best.Don't think that you didn't come 1st.Think that you are the first person who came 2nd.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


*WARNING- this is part fact part fiction...if any of this comes out to be true it will be pure coincidence...
all this happened when i was having a dream..
i cant recall what happened before this.i just remember i was looking at a bright white light which was talking to me.
VOICE- welcome to my home son..
ME-what is this nonsense and who are you.
VOICE-this is my sacred home and i am god,the creator,controller and destroyer of the world you live in.
ME-i don't believe this some sort of joke?am i dreaming?
(i bite my hand to check.but to my surprise i  felt pain but was at the same place).
to myself(oh crap.this is really happening)
prove me that you are really a god.
VOICE-i am god.i don't need to prove myself.but for your satisfaction i will tell you some things about you which only you know.your atm pin code is 8769 and your bank account no is 459174309. may be god.but what did  you choose me?and how come you dont have other things to do.
VOICE-how do you forget that i can control time.i am beyond time and space.i can do anything i want,whenever i want.and i didn't choose you, it was random.
ME-so what do you want from me?
VOICE-i am bored.i just want to have a little fun..tell me. do you believe in me?
ME-its complicated.
VOICE-then simplify it.
ME-see.i believe in your existence but i don't believe in you.i don't trust you.
VOICE-how come you don't trust me.who do you think i am.
ME- i think you are like the evil programmer who creates viruses and spread them so that he can sell their antiviruses and make a lot of do bad things to people and make them pray to you so that you could save just want people to worship you.
VOICE-this is very rude of should be grateful you got an opportunity to talk to me.don't you know my powers.i can write your future.i can do anything to you.
ME-i am sure you can write my future.but 1 thing you cannot do is tell me my future.i bet you anything.
VOICE-you have just dug your own grave.i have written your will die after 2 days in an accident.what are you going to do about it?
ME-fine,i accept your challenge on 1 condition.if i die after 2 days i go to hell,but if  i prove your prophecy  wrong, i live as long as i wish.
VOICE-you are on.
the next minute i cut my vein and commit suicide.i die before god wanted me to.thus i win the bet and become immortal.oh wait what is this sound.that was the sound of my alarm.i wake up from the dream.oh that was a nice dream.but why is my hand still paining?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


it all started when i had a niteout at sunday..monday as usual sucked.i bunked my lab making excuse of fever and not knowing i would get it the next day.i slept early on monday but never imagined i would seep more than 16 hours at a stretch...when i woke up i had this highly intense hedache..i thought it was just because i overslept.i realized that i didnt play for a couple of i skated a lot..-first mistake(i should have checked my fever first)
later at night the headache was intolerable so i checked  my temperature..omg i had fever of about 102....i took an ayurvedic medicine and after an hour or so i went to bc roy..-second mistake(if i went to bc roy why did i take a medicine before).when my fever was checked there it came out to be only 100.2..i was perplexed(i totally forgot about the medicine i took before).
later i came to my room and took the pills..i was suggested to eat something so i went at nescafe for a maggi..the guy took hours to make one(may be because my brain was changing a phase)...meanwhile i started feeling awesome...all the pressure in my head was released..i realized that the pleasure of getting healed was much more in magnitude than the pain of getting hurt..i was happy about this thought while returning to my room..i put the pills in the box...but wait oh shit ..i found out i had taken the wrong pill...instead of taking roxin i had taken an extra paracetamol...-third mistake


1.Don't ever fake fever...u don't want to feel its wrath.
2. If you feel uncomfortable with your body,don't do anything stupid before confirming its not fever.
3.If you are going to a hospital don't take a pill before.
4.Even though you are absolutely sure that you are taking the right pill get it confirmed from someone.
5.This is a fact i discovered-its not your body temperature that makes you feel uncomfortable, its the gradient of that temperature  which causes pain.
eg-if you have low temp but its increasing you feel pain..and even if its high but decreasing it makes you feel high(in a good way).  

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dr Sheldon Cooper's legendary  dialog "Fear of heights is illogical while fear of falling down is prudent and evolutionary" made me think a lot about fears and ways to deal with them.Some have fear of insects while some have fear of failure,closed spaces,awkward silences,particular type of noise etc etc..But out of all these fears i will be able to discuss only about fear of failure.
So many times i have heard people(including myself) saying "what if i fail?".. in my school days i was so afraid to see my answer sheet  that i literally peed(not in my pants) before doing so even though my exam went well....As i grew up and started studying less my fear got increased and @kgp  it became so high that i was afraid to go to the exam hall....and now i am even afraid to study.The moment i think of studying my mind makes me think of something else the next moment.
But recently i have realized that in most cases it is not the fear of failure it is the fear of taking the first step.We are certainly going to fail if we don't take the first step.After taking the first step there is no fear for the outcome of it..In my early days of blogging my hands shivered before clicking on "Publish Post"..because i thought i was afraid of the responses..but as soon as i realized about the above concept i clicked...and all the fear was gone..Soon after i overcame my fear of pinging anyone on my list...
Now i can say that best way to deal with fear is the old british rule more commonly known as "divide and rule"rule...Divide your goal into steps...Do the first step..and the fear of its outcome is gone..and then step by step complete your all steps and then your task is done*.Remember one thing ...If you really want something or someone you have to go for it.
Don't feel bad if you have fear.Because everybody has fear of something or other..Be courageous as Allan Harper says"Courage is not about absence of fear..courage is taking action despite fear".
I hope this helps everyone and myself(studying for endsems).
BTW sorry pankaj for "seekh dene ki koshish" but i had no other option.
*statutory warning-the above described method does not guarantee can only help you overcoming fear.    
ps-i sometimes exaggerate for effect.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


We do so many things in our life because we actually don't want to do them...Let me elaborate.
 I actually don't like to study.We(at least i) study just because after studying i no longer have to study.
We sleep because after sleeping we no longer have to sleep.So we don't like to sleep but still we sleep.
We poop because after doing so we no longer want to do it...
The list is endless. But we have to do these things as there is no escape.At least from now on lets do those things which we actually want to do and not because we want to get rid of them..I am sure this will make your life much more joyful.

Monday, March 29, 2010


INT(interviewer)-do you believe in god?
INT-why not?
ATHEIST-why should i?i haven't even seen god.i am a skeptic.i go by logic.
INT-have you seen an electron?
INT-but you do believe in electricity.right?
ATHEIST-yes.but still i don't see a reason to believe in god.
INT-well you can look around the world.millions of people believe in god.
ATHEIST-thats why he does not need me to believe in him.
INT-its not about what he needs.oh now i can prove you can believe in god.
INT-you just used "he" to mention god.that means you believe that he is a male.without believing in god you cannot choose god's gender.hence proved mr logical your face...

Friday, March 26, 2010


BELIEVER-its not gonna happen.
CHALLENGER-don't worry we will make it happen.
BELIEVER-you will fail.
CHALLENGER-how do you know.
BELIEVER-i believe.its the fate.
CHALLENGER-u are such a loser.
BELIEVER-watch your mouth.
CHALLENGER-i cant.i don't have a mirror.
BELIEVER-go to hell.
CHALLENGER-its not in my hands.
BELIEVER-so you agree that everything is not in your hands.u call yourself challenger but you are just like me.
CHALLENGER-ya but trying is in my hands.
BELIEVER-whats the point in trying if you know you are going to fail.
CHALLENGER-well,its better to try and fail rather than fail to try.
BELIEVER-if you challenge your fate you will fall flat on your face.
CHALLENGER-ya but if i surrender to the fate then i will fall flat on my balls.

to be or not to be continued depends on the comments..
nobody can stop me from writing.however i will publish only if you like this one..

Monday, March 22, 2010

those who want to take the road less travelled are COWARDS

The title may sound offending to few but please don't judge it unless you have read the complete post.
Once a friend said to me"Look at these people.They are working hard to get a job.Its like a rat race.I don't want to do as everybody does.I want to be something different"
Well,he may seem to be a courageous,a risk taker.But he is not entirely right.Its not what you don't want to do.Its about what you want to do.If what you want to do requires a different path,good.But if not,then you are not a coward.
If you want to be different just for the heck of it than then there is nobody more fool than you.
What one needs to understand is that they should do what they really want to do,not because nobody else is doing that.
Because everything in life is not about courage or being different because if it were then....


Saturday, March 20, 2010


whats the pain of not having dc ...ask an iitian
whats the pleasure of morning walk...ask someone who is running 6.6 k
whats the pleasure of a niteout....ask a drunkard out of cash
whats the pleasure of hostel toilets..ask a diarrhea patient
whats the pleasure of getting a p...ask a panji ..or me
whats the importance of 1 proxy..ask a student getting deregistered

Everything depends on point of view..
one says its raining..other says clouds are peeing .

Friday, March 19, 2010


Many people like the "i never give up" attitude.Well this attitude sounds very courageous.But this is not right attitude in many aspects of life.
A person must know when and when not to give up.Giving up is very important skill and should be learnt by every individual.
Many people give up smoking,drinking,gambling which is a very good thing to do.
In iit jee answering every question is not is foolish.Student must know which question to be answered and which to be left.Those with never give up attitude stick to a question if they are unable to solve it which is a waste of time.
Even roger federer does not try to win every point unlike nadal(no disrespect).
Sachin knows which ball to hit and which to leave which makes him the greatest.Sehwag on the other hand does not leave balls thus gets out early.(yes disrespect)
Never give up attitude is necessary when you know the right thing to do.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

doing what you believe in

i have heard this many times"doing what you believe in is not sufficient".as many times i heard this the intention of saying this has always been "do as i say".
yes doing what you believe in is not sufficient.everybody can survive by "not doing what you believe in" and by this i mean "doing what you are told".but is life really about survival?the answer is NO.
life is about living it to the fullest.its about pursuing your dreams no matter what the result will be,no matter what people think about it.because your life belongs to you,not to the rest of the world.
one person i really admire in this case is RGV.he has given so many flops.but he does not stop just because he is criticized.he does what he believes in.

when i started blogging many people criticized my blog and i know that they will continue doing it in future.but this is not going to stop me from blogging.of course i don't like being criticized by my friends.but if i stop doing what i want and like to do my heart will criticize my balls.and i don't want that.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


i often wondered "whats the key to success?".hard work or luck?
most of my life i believed and was told by everyone that hard work is the only key to success.there is no such thing as luck.i even heard that luck only favors hard workers.

but now i am confused.i realized that not every hard worker is successful and not every successful person is a hard worker.

i have realized the importance of luck in life and i respect luck.hard work does not make everybody lucky but luck can always make a person hardworking and successful. but there is still one do we get lucky?can our luck be changed?

i guess these questions can never be what do we do?should we wait for our luck show our path?or should we work hard not thinking about anything else?
in this situation only one thing should be your instincts.and do what you believe in.if you are lucky..awesome.if not at least you have done what you believe.that will make you feel one can take this pleasure away from you.

Friday, March 5, 2010


one thing i have learnt about life is that it is meaningless without dreams.
living is not about survival.its about enjoying and pursuing your dreams.
dreams can not be made they just must have more than one dreams.thats because the part of dream one really enjoys is the pursuit.once the dream is fulfilled,then what!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

theory of selflessness

no one in this world can ever be selfless.
let me prove this fact to can be easily proved using contradiction.
lets assume that there is a person who is totally selfless.this person always does things for others.but there is one question.why would he/she do something like this?
the answer is obvious.because it makes him/her happy by making others happy.but it also makes him/her happy.which means he/she is doing it for him/herself.that makes him/her selfish.
this cant be true(contradiction).hence our assumption is wrong.
hence proved.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

copy in indian music

you must be aware that most of the greatest songs in todays movies are copied.
so many musicians copy mostly from western music or from previous hits.

one of them i really admire is pritam.
this guy not only copies from great song it is very difficult to find out that he is really copying.his greatest hits -gangster,race,bhool bhulaiya etc are copied.
if u dont believe it watch this

one thing i like is that he copies from japanese ,chinese and even korean songs.the songs we have never heard before.
many people choose to criticize him but really like his work.
because if he didnt have copied,india would never have heard such a great music .
nice work pritam da .

Monday, February 8, 2010


i feel disappointed when i work hard and fail
but i hate myself when i fail to work hard

Thursday, February 4, 2010


this was my status msg in the last sem but still i want to share this

ek macchar admi ko hijda bana deta hai,

ek admi macchar ko bhavra bana deta hai,

rishwat do to policewala bhi thappa laga deta hai,

exam ke liye padh lena doston ..warna

..warna peace prof bhi fakka laga deta hai .

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


when madhavan and sharman confront javed jaffery in his bathroom they drop the lid of the lota in the toilet and after the are done they are done they hand lota to him with no lid.but when they are gone javed open the lid. where did that come from???

Monday, February 1, 2010


you must have come across this very common funda- if event A occurs then B occurs
but when B occurs A may not necessarily occur.
there are some interesting analogies-
1. jab tum class jate ho tab tumhari attendance lagti hai .jab tum class nahi jao tab bhi tumhari attendence lag sakti hai.

2.when you make mistakes you get screwed . u can get screwed even without making mistakes.

3.when you crap u piss.............

corollary to the previous

distribution of income of India is highly uneven
the rich are getting richer poor are getting poorer.if we consider the income to be highly even ie everybody earns the same(ideal condition) then the individual income=average income that is Rs 3,000 pm.
imagine this situation.
no one can afford a car.there will be hardly any laptops.India will reach anarchy.



Friday, January 29, 2010