Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In every stage of your life people are going to say to you "you cant"....and by "people" i not only mean people in general....i mean your friends,close relatives,famous theories and even your brain is going to say these words....but before this thought reaches your heart i want you to ask yourself one question "have you even tried?"
                         The only limit in this world is that there are no limits. All other limits are meant to be crossed and records are meant to broken.Being a sportsman i have realized that "you are not what you think you are,you are always better".So the bigger you think the greater will be your potential. 
Many times during rallies i thought  that it would be impossible for me to reach the shuttle but eventually i have surprised myself..although i wasn't able to reach the next shuttle because i was too much startled by my reach...

Many people claim to be optimistic but in reality most of them are not.Sometimes i have observed my friends who had and still have great vision,but there is no action from their side.I Often ask them "Its such an awesome idea.Why don't you do it" and i get disappointed by their reply ie"If it were such a great idea then why didn't anyone in the past did it"....I mean how can you underestimate yourself like that.Don't you have any self respect.....I am not claiming to be perfect here but i really think people should believe in themselves..
One thing i have learnt from this experience is that change is going to happen no matter what....why don't you be the reason for it.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Let me tell you a story of a man who lost his eye in an accident...He was highly depressed.....After few days he committed suicide.....Here i quote his suicide note...."I lost my eye in an accident....i was depressed but still had a will to survive.....then yesterday i saw a man who was blind since his birth........then i realized that he didn't know what he was missing....but i do....and that it killing me here i eliminate the pain forever"

I am sure you think that the guy is stupid..Of course he questions about that.....he was the biggest idiot on the ass of the earth...yeah he doesn't deserve to be on the face of the earth....But he has done something which always inspires me when i feel low..

Whenever i fail to do what i had planned....whenever i have a hard time .....whenever life kicks me in the face,ass,or the nuts .....i think about the man from the above story...which makes me feels so much better about myself......
Everything depends on the point of view....One says "oh my god....exams"...Other says "wow more labs "

The moral is that always try to see the bright side no matter what position you are in know why ...because it gives happiness and you know what is more important than happiness ..........NOTHING ....