Friday, August 13, 2010


"Those who have never failed have never lived".Its strange but this quote makes more sense only after failure.
No one likes to fail......but doesn't matter how much u try hard it is impossible to avoid it everytime.....
Even the most successful people in the world have tasted defeat..but the way they bounce back make them who they are...Failure should be looked as growing opportunities because the joy of success tastes much better if you have fallen many times to achieve it......Failure doesn't mean "its time to quit".....failure is the indication that " its time to change your strategies" .....Remember that failures do not suck....people who whine about it do ....Dont  worry if you fail after giving your best shot...worry only if you fail to give your best shot.....When things are in your hands.....fight for them and when they are not always try to see the bright side....Even failure has a bright side.....Assuming that there are fixed no of failures in your life.....the more you fail the probability of success increases.....I was supposed to write this article for a magazine....but now that i failed to do it in time.....i tend to think "who reads that magazine anyways"..