Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Badminton Life

I was 6 years old.I still remember the day when i first held a racket.It was not voluntary.My mother made me do it with the sole purpose of getting me out of the house.She used to feed me the shuttles to help me gain a hand eye co-ordination.The way it started was not my first choice but it gave me another reason to be grateful to her.
Slowly i started developing interest in the game.I used to follow the game of Prakasham Uncle.He was a 50+ man with great enthusiasm and skill for the game.He was very friendly and awesomely witty.I used to sit and watch his game and when he was done i would persuade him to play with me.
I can't believe that i play with even more zeal now.This sport has given me more than anything else has.Friends,enemies,rivals,successes,failures,injuries,disappointments and moments are to name a few.But more than that it has given me another reason to live.I feel suffocated if i don't play for even a single day.Not just sports,it teaches lessons in life too.It has given me strength to recover.It gave me a tear in my ligament but not a single in my eye.Thats the beauty of this game.It doesn't matter how much tension is there in the guts of your racket.It matters how much guts you have when you are under tension.Badminton also teaches us to "love all" with the exception of the opponent,while on court.I also have developed an ego that i can beat anyone.It is the acceptance of a defeat yet rejection of anyone's superiority over me.When i am on the court i don't care whom i am representing or who my opponent is.I love playing with this attitude of "Ye Court mera hai aur mai iss court ka Jaykant Shikre".
I don't think anything,absolutely anything can stop me from playing Badminton.Nothing can take me away from this sport because I am Sport.I was not born with a racket but i am sure i will die with one.The kill at the net,the skill at the strokes,the drills to improve and the thrill of a fight gives me the will to go on and on.The smash of Dan,the speed of Lee,the class of Gade and Hidayat increase my motivation level.I extend my gratitude towards everyone who is responsible for my presence on the court.