Monday, July 5, 2010


Many times in life man goes through a situation where he has to choose between two which he likes and other which he is good at...and either choice he makes he is going to look back to this situation...
and he doesn't want to lose what should he do??
Although some go for money and some go for passion i beg to differ..
If you are confident that your passion is going to earn you money then you should go for it...otherwise you should go for money...dont let your passion become your obsession...but dont let yourself forget it and design a mechanism such that you will get back to it..
Even chetan bhagat wasn't sure about his writing he went for money...but he didnt forget about his passion and when he became confident about choosing passion as his carrier...he quit his job....
I know many wont agree to this but they should understand the importance of money too...those who think money cant buy happiness don't know how to use it....although your passion is very may not necessarily make you rich....just because you like something dosent mean you have to get pigeonholed in that...
I am not saying to forget your passion...i am just saying that you will enjoy your passion better if you have money to rely just need to be patient....because to gain something you need to loose something....or in other words sometimes to become immortal you need to DIE(ref..

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