Thursday, April 29, 2010


prerequisite-AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD....

ooh... actually that was not the way i woke up...this is what exactly happened before i woke up

ME-(to myself-wow i became the first person to get immortal by dying.)
        look i won the were so wrong.even your so called rules have loopholes.
VOICE- may be my system have some flaws but who doesn't have flaws.
ME-i don't have flaws.look i became immortal.i will live till eternity.
VOICE-you just forgot actually are not immortal..
VOICE- you wished to live as long as you wanted,not till eternity.check the transcript.
ME-oh no...
VOICE-you are trapped now..
ME-wait..i will now live as long as i want.And i want to life forever.
VOICE-you are wrong again.what you want now doesn't matter.what you will want in future matters...haven't you learnt anything from the movie"21".you forgot to account for the variable change.
ME-but i will always want to life forever.
VOICE- will live till you want.but what you want in future is not in your hands now.i will make your life will beg for death.
ME-i will never wish for death,no matter what....
VOICE- you are again forgetting something.this is your dream.but when you wake up you will have no memory of this dream.and i will make sure you wish for death one day.
ME-please don't do that...
VOICE-perhaps we can make a deal....your life will be that of an average human but i will make sure you will enjoy a lot..
ME-ok ok....but why do you want to do this?
VOICE-didn't i tell you...i was bored ....and you actually thought i didn't know you were going to suicide....
ME-then why do you play such pranks?
VOICE-it amuses me... and more importantly you had become arrogant and overconfident....somebody had to show you your right place...

Friday, April 23, 2010


I never understood the real meaning of the saying "if winning isn't everything then why do they keep score".I asked my friend about it and he said that keeping score implies that winning is everything.But when i thought about it i felt that keeping score dosent say anything about the importance of winning.Score is kept only to see the magnitude of the fight.If winning were everything then no one would keep score.It would just be win or loss.
When i was a kid people used to tell me "winning isn't everything..what matters is that you tried hard".
Most of the times i ignored what they told me.But as grew i realized that they were right.I found out that what really mattered was how much i played.Of course i loved winning but i didn't mind losing as long as it was fun.
Whenever we chose teams i used to choose the weak team deliberately just because i got to play more in that case.I didn't care if my team lost as long as i enjoyed playing.
When it came to individual games i liked to win everytime.But as i won too much,it wasn't fun anymore.I didn't like playing with weaker opponents.I only enjoyed playing with those who were equal or better than me.I could improve my game only that way.Then i wanted to lose but not deliberately.I wanted to lose only after giving my best.The one thing i have learnt by all this experience is that winning and losing is part of every game and if you have to stay in the game you cant win everytime.Now i don't play for the sake of winning i play for the sake of the game.
Thats the reason i don't want to come first.Because if i do so i cant improve further.Coming 2nd is perfect coz not only it feels satisfied enough  but also it gives the room for improvement.But is good only when you have given your best.Don't think that you didn't come 1st.Think that you are the first person who came 2nd.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


*WARNING- this is part fact part fiction...if any of this comes out to be true it will be pure coincidence...
all this happened when i was having a dream..
i cant recall what happened before this.i just remember i was looking at a bright white light which was talking to me.
VOICE- welcome to my home son..
ME-what is this nonsense and who are you.
VOICE-this is my sacred home and i am god,the creator,controller and destroyer of the world you live in.
ME-i don't believe this some sort of joke?am i dreaming?
(i bite my hand to check.but to my surprise i  felt pain but was at the same place).
to myself(oh crap.this is really happening)
prove me that you are really a god.
VOICE-i am god.i don't need to prove myself.but for your satisfaction i will tell you some things about you which only you know.your atm pin code is 8769 and your bank account no is 459174309. may be god.but what did  you choose me?and how come you dont have other things to do.
VOICE-how do you forget that i can control time.i am beyond time and space.i can do anything i want,whenever i want.and i didn't choose you, it was random.
ME-so what do you want from me?
VOICE-i am bored.i just want to have a little fun..tell me. do you believe in me?
ME-its complicated.
VOICE-then simplify it.
ME-see.i believe in your existence but i don't believe in you.i don't trust you.
VOICE-how come you don't trust me.who do you think i am.
ME- i think you are like the evil programmer who creates viruses and spread them so that he can sell their antiviruses and make a lot of do bad things to people and make them pray to you so that you could save just want people to worship you.
VOICE-this is very rude of should be grateful you got an opportunity to talk to me.don't you know my powers.i can write your future.i can do anything to you.
ME-i am sure you can write my future.but 1 thing you cannot do is tell me my future.i bet you anything.
VOICE-you have just dug your own grave.i have written your will die after 2 days in an accident.what are you going to do about it?
ME-fine,i accept your challenge on 1 condition.if i die after 2 days i go to hell,but if  i prove your prophecy  wrong, i live as long as i wish.
VOICE-you are on.
the next minute i cut my vein and commit suicide.i die before god wanted me to.thus i win the bet and become immortal.oh wait what is this sound.that was the sound of my alarm.i wake up from the dream.oh that was a nice dream.but why is my hand still paining?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


it all started when i had a niteout at sunday..monday as usual sucked.i bunked my lab making excuse of fever and not knowing i would get it the next day.i slept early on monday but never imagined i would seep more than 16 hours at a stretch...when i woke up i had this highly intense hedache..i thought it was just because i overslept.i realized that i didnt play for a couple of i skated a lot..-first mistake(i should have checked my fever first)
later at night the headache was intolerable so i checked  my temperature..omg i had fever of about 102....i took an ayurvedic medicine and after an hour or so i went to bc roy..-second mistake(if i went to bc roy why did i take a medicine before).when my fever was checked there it came out to be only 100.2..i was perplexed(i totally forgot about the medicine i took before).
later i came to my room and took the pills..i was suggested to eat something so i went at nescafe for a maggi..the guy took hours to make one(may be because my brain was changing a phase)...meanwhile i started feeling awesome...all the pressure in my head was released..i realized that the pleasure of getting healed was much more in magnitude than the pain of getting hurt..i was happy about this thought while returning to my room..i put the pills in the box...but wait oh shit ..i found out i had taken the wrong pill...instead of taking roxin i had taken an extra paracetamol...-third mistake


1.Don't ever fake fever...u don't want to feel its wrath.
2. If you feel uncomfortable with your body,don't do anything stupid before confirming its not fever.
3.If you are going to a hospital don't take a pill before.
4.Even though you are absolutely sure that you are taking the right pill get it confirmed from someone.
5.This is a fact i discovered-its not your body temperature that makes you feel uncomfortable, its the gradient of that temperature  which causes pain.
eg-if you have low temp but its increasing you feel pain..and even if its high but decreasing it makes you feel high(in a good way).  

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dr Sheldon Cooper's legendary  dialog "Fear of heights is illogical while fear of falling down is prudent and evolutionary" made me think a lot about fears and ways to deal with them.Some have fear of insects while some have fear of failure,closed spaces,awkward silences,particular type of noise etc etc..But out of all these fears i will be able to discuss only about fear of failure.
So many times i have heard people(including myself) saying "what if i fail?".. in my school days i was so afraid to see my answer sheet  that i literally peed(not in my pants) before doing so even though my exam went well....As i grew up and started studying less my fear got increased and @kgp  it became so high that i was afraid to go to the exam hall....and now i am even afraid to study.The moment i think of studying my mind makes me think of something else the next moment.
But recently i have realized that in most cases it is not the fear of failure it is the fear of taking the first step.We are certainly going to fail if we don't take the first step.After taking the first step there is no fear for the outcome of it..In my early days of blogging my hands shivered before clicking on "Publish Post"..because i thought i was afraid of the responses..but as soon as i realized about the above concept i clicked...and all the fear was gone..Soon after i overcame my fear of pinging anyone on my list...
Now i can say that best way to deal with fear is the old british rule more commonly known as "divide and rule"rule...Divide your goal into steps...Do the first step..and the fear of its outcome is gone..and then step by step complete your all steps and then your task is done*.Remember one thing ...If you really want something or someone you have to go for it.
Don't feel bad if you have fear.Because everybody has fear of something or other..Be courageous as Allan Harper says"Courage is not about absence of fear..courage is taking action despite fear".
I hope this helps everyone and myself(studying for endsems).
BTW sorry pankaj for "seekh dene ki koshish" but i had no other option.
*statutory warning-the above described method does not guarantee can only help you overcoming fear.    
ps-i sometimes exaggerate for effect.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


We do so many things in our life because we actually don't want to do them...Let me elaborate.
 I actually don't like to study.We(at least i) study just because after studying i no longer have to study.
We sleep because after sleeping we no longer have to sleep.So we don't like to sleep but still we sleep.
We poop because after doing so we no longer want to do it...
The list is endless. But we have to do these things as there is no escape.At least from now on lets do those things which we actually want to do and not because we want to get rid of them..I am sure this will make your life much more joyful.