Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Tough Being a Roger Fan

When the time gets tough, the tough gets going and when the tough gets going, time is bound to get tough. Not a general philosophy but is apparently true for Roger Federer. He is winning fewer titles, losing a lot more matches, Skying the ball more often and making dozens of groundstroke errors.  Given his records and achievements his career graph is slipping without a doubt. He has even lost in rankings but certainly not in his Fan retention capacity.
People say that in order to establish legacy he has to Quit at his prime. But Roger is not doing that, audaciously defying the mindset of other legends. He won't quit and perhaps will redefine legacy that he has already defined once. He is playing because he can and we are his fans because we love to see him play. His this attitude along with his artistry with his racket, his magical strokes and his out of the world decision making makes a man Roger's fan. His loyal fans are royal fans because of his regime in their hearts.
It is not difficult to become his fan. His legend is legendary, his moments are momentous and to see his game is just spell bounding. We still see glimpses of perfection in his erratic current game. To see him lose is a heartbreak every single time. But we will still support him the next time he plays fully being aware of the reality. That's why it not tough to be his fan, it is just tough being one.