Tuesday, August 14, 2012


During school days the significance of Independence day for me was only about having a holiday,getting sweets and doing unwanted march past.I always wondered what the fuss was all about.The more i grew the more i believed in my belief.Isn't Independence our birthright?Why are we wasting so much time,energy and attention on it's celebration.I mean its our basic requirement.No doubt it is important but it is just level 1.If we are giving it this much importance then how low are our standards?We need to rise above independence
And what do we mean by Independence?We are no longer slaves to the British empire.But aren't we still the  indirect slaves of the Ruling Govt?We are free slaves.The only freedom we have is to choose our master.India is independent,Indian's aren't.Untill all Indians are free we can't be truely free.
And what's the use of this formal Independence if we can't be dependable.We should be ashamed that we are still developing.Even a tumor develops faster than us.
What else are we proud of-Unity in diversity.Really?Even ever
y individual diverse element is divided over petty issues.We have to understand that sugarcoating crap doesn't make it edible.
You may say it is easy to criticize.But isn't it important as well.We can't improve if we can't see ourselves with an unadulterated mindset.Only after we achieve the right goals we get the right to feel proud.Otherwise the only difference between Freedom and slavery is that of a Golden Cage and an Open Drain. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Indian Chutiapa @ Olympics

In the ongoing Olympics,India is probably seeing the never before seen results.But i am not going to talk about these over glorified achievements.I am talking about about some of the IQ deprived decisions because of which a gold medal is still a mirage.
I would like to highlight the much hyped Tennis controversy about the misplaced egos of the players and the association .This was reminiscent of the Sheen-Chuck feud which ended up screwing 2 shows. Firstly,Finalizing the doubles combination at the last moment was an action of obvious stupidity.What were they thinking?This was not a Breadth-end sem.This is serious stuff.Moreover it was very clear that the only realistic hope for a medal was the mixed-doubles event in which Mahesh-Sania had already won 2 grand slams.The players failed to understand that this was not the issue of playing for India or for themselves.Getting a medal is a win-win in any case.Still they fought desperately for the doubles combination.Instead of keeping the ball in their court,they were showing off the balls in their shorts,ending up with no balls and giving a free hit to their opponents.
This event is just the tip of the Iceberg.Such internal chutiaps is one of the main reasons India can only dream for a gold while Kazakhstan already has 6 in its pocket.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I am after Federer and I am after Federer

Andy Murray was seen in full re-vengeance mode after defeating former world no 1 Djokovic recently."Djoker ka ,Rafa ka,sub ka badla lega ye Andy" quoted Murray inspired by GOW.Murray has stepped up to the challenge after a plaintive loss at Wimbledon.But he still blames Asit Godbole for deQuadirizing Federer and the officials for closing the roof."They disconnected me from God.That is so cruel".
Quite agitated on asked about being the favourite Brit, he says "Just prefixing it great dosn't make it that.It has to be made great by people like me"."Instead of supporting me the crowd should hoot Roger out of the match.I guarantee you that after our match the phrase "Roger that" will be extinct and so will Roger.A new phrase "hurray Murray" is coming soon" he continued.
Well i personally want Federer to punish Murray for making slighting remarks.This will add kerosene to his wounds and light it.

PS-All the statements made above are purely fictitious and any resemblance to truth only makes me awesomer.