Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is team INDIA beating the odds,
Winning the games and setting records

Sachin is confident and Sehwag is fit
he treats every ball like its a free hit

We have a balanced pair of Kohli and Gambhir
While Munaf is as good as southpaw Zaheer

With a middle order of Dhoni and Yuvi
more dangerous than radiations of UV

King of the spin Bhajji is essential
while the smile of Sreesanth was just vestigial

On the field we are agile like a snake
we can make a mountain look like a cake

We lost the toss and had some bad luck
but we were destined to win the world cup

It was a team effort and everybody was equal
and if this rap works I am writing a sequel

Wanna criticize,save it for other time
dude this is a rap not a nursery rhyme

Some say i am a clown and think me as a trash can
perhaps they should see what Joker did to Batman