Monday, March 29, 2010


INT(interviewer)-do you believe in god?
INT-why not?
ATHEIST-why should i?i haven't even seen god.i am a skeptic.i go by logic.
INT-have you seen an electron?
INT-but you do believe in electricity.right?
ATHEIST-yes.but still i don't see a reason to believe in god.
INT-well you can look around the world.millions of people believe in god.
ATHEIST-thats why he does not need me to believe in him.
INT-its not about what he needs.oh now i can prove you can believe in god.
INT-you just used "he" to mention god.that means you believe that he is a male.without believing in god you cannot choose god's gender.hence proved mr logical your face...

Friday, March 26, 2010


BELIEVER-its not gonna happen.
CHALLENGER-don't worry we will make it happen.
BELIEVER-you will fail.
CHALLENGER-how do you know.
BELIEVER-i believe.its the fate.
CHALLENGER-u are such a loser.
BELIEVER-watch your mouth.
CHALLENGER-i cant.i don't have a mirror.
BELIEVER-go to hell.
CHALLENGER-its not in my hands.
BELIEVER-so you agree that everything is not in your hands.u call yourself challenger but you are just like me.
CHALLENGER-ya but trying is in my hands.
BELIEVER-whats the point in trying if you know you are going to fail.
CHALLENGER-well,its better to try and fail rather than fail to try.
BELIEVER-if you challenge your fate you will fall flat on your face.
CHALLENGER-ya but if i surrender to the fate then i will fall flat on my balls.

to be or not to be continued depends on the comments..
nobody can stop me from writing.however i will publish only if you like this one..

Monday, March 22, 2010

those who want to take the road less travelled are COWARDS

The title may sound offending to few but please don't judge it unless you have read the complete post.
Once a friend said to me"Look at these people.They are working hard to get a job.Its like a rat race.I don't want to do as everybody does.I want to be something different"
Well,he may seem to be a courageous,a risk taker.But he is not entirely right.Its not what you don't want to do.Its about what you want to do.If what you want to do requires a different path,good.But if not,then you are not a coward.
If you want to be different just for the heck of it than then there is nobody more fool than you.
What one needs to understand is that they should do what they really want to do,not because nobody else is doing that.
Because everything in life is not about courage or being different because if it were then....


Saturday, March 20, 2010


whats the pain of not having dc ...ask an iitian
whats the pleasure of morning walk...ask someone who is running 6.6 k
whats the pleasure of a niteout....ask a drunkard out of cash
whats the pleasure of hostel toilets..ask a diarrhea patient
whats the pleasure of getting a p...ask a panji ..or me
whats the importance of 1 proxy..ask a student getting deregistered

Everything depends on point of view..
one says its raining..other says clouds are peeing .

Friday, March 19, 2010


Many people like the "i never give up" attitude.Well this attitude sounds very courageous.But this is not right attitude in many aspects of life.
A person must know when and when not to give up.Giving up is very important skill and should be learnt by every individual.
Many people give up smoking,drinking,gambling which is a very good thing to do.
In iit jee answering every question is not is foolish.Student must know which question to be answered and which to be left.Those with never give up attitude stick to a question if they are unable to solve it which is a waste of time.
Even roger federer does not try to win every point unlike nadal(no disrespect).
Sachin knows which ball to hit and which to leave which makes him the greatest.Sehwag on the other hand does not leave balls thus gets out early.(yes disrespect)
Never give up attitude is necessary when you know the right thing to do.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

doing what you believe in

i have heard this many times"doing what you believe in is not sufficient".as many times i heard this the intention of saying this has always been "do as i say".
yes doing what you believe in is not sufficient.everybody can survive by "not doing what you believe in" and by this i mean "doing what you are told".but is life really about survival?the answer is NO.
life is about living it to the fullest.its about pursuing your dreams no matter what the result will be,no matter what people think about it.because your life belongs to you,not to the rest of the world.
one person i really admire in this case is RGV.he has given so many flops.but he does not stop just because he is criticized.he does what he believes in.

when i started blogging many people criticized my blog and i know that they will continue doing it in future.but this is not going to stop me from blogging.of course i don't like being criticized by my friends.but if i stop doing what i want and like to do my heart will criticize my balls.and i don't want that.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


i often wondered "whats the key to success?".hard work or luck?
most of my life i believed and was told by everyone that hard work is the only key to success.there is no such thing as luck.i even heard that luck only favors hard workers.

but now i am confused.i realized that not every hard worker is successful and not every successful person is a hard worker.

i have realized the importance of luck in life and i respect luck.hard work does not make everybody lucky but luck can always make a person hardworking and successful. but there is still one do we get lucky?can our luck be changed?

i guess these questions can never be what do we do?should we wait for our luck show our path?or should we work hard not thinking about anything else?
in this situation only one thing should be your instincts.and do what you believe in.if you are lucky..awesome.if not at least you have done what you believe.that will make you feel one can take this pleasure away from you.

Friday, March 5, 2010


one thing i have learnt about life is that it is meaningless without dreams.
living is not about survival.its about enjoying and pursuing your dreams.
dreams can not be made they just must have more than one dreams.thats because the part of dream one really enjoys is the pursuit.once the dream is fulfilled,then what!