Tuesday, August 14, 2012


During school days the significance of Independence day for me was only about having a holiday,getting sweets and doing unwanted march past.I always wondered what the fuss was all about.The more i grew the more i believed in my belief.Isn't Independence our birthright?Why are we wasting so much time,energy and attention on it's celebration.I mean its our basic requirement.No doubt it is important but it is just level 1.If we are giving it this much importance then how low are our standards?We need to rise above independence
And what do we mean by Independence?We are no longer slaves to the British empire.But aren't we still the  indirect slaves of the Ruling Govt?We are free slaves.The only freedom we have is to choose our master.India is independent,Indian's aren't.Untill all Indians are free we can't be truely free.
And what's the use of this formal Independence if we can't be dependable.We should be ashamed that we are still developing.Even a tumor develops faster than us.
What else are we proud of-Unity in diversity.Really?Even ever
y individual diverse element is divided over petty issues.We have to understand that sugarcoating crap doesn't make it edible.
You may say it is easy to criticize.But isn't it important as well.We can't improve if we can't see ourselves with an unadulterated mindset.Only after we achieve the right goals we get the right to feel proud.Otherwise the only difference between Freedom and slavery is that of a Golden Cage and an Open Drain. 


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhE88Tp4I6U

  2. Don't you have any shame?How can you talk about India like that

  3. First, Let me start with the importance of Independence day. It is not your fault that you forgot the true meaning of that celebration. We are honoring all the lives which were sacrificed for this country. People faced the bullets not because they were in a suicidal mood. They gave their lives for the others. It is because of them we are breathing the freedom.

    It is indeed level 1. But just imagine a person with no eye (A basic requirement). And assume somebody struggled and sacrificed their "eyes" just for you to see the beautiful world. Do you really think giving one day of the year just to pay respect to those people, who sacrificed their vision and dreams to fight for the freedom, so that we can be free, is unnecessary, because having an eye is just level 1?

    1. @ above-I didn't say we shouldn't honor the lives of those who sacrificed themselves for freedom.Of course because of them we are breathing freedom.Paying respect to them is indeed important.But if we really want to pay tribute,we must dedicate one day for working extra hard,kinda like the freedom fighters did.Imagine if that one day of redundant celebrations is turned to a day of extra productivity,how proud will it make us?

  4. Quoting Shashi Tharoor?