Thursday, March 31, 2011


His name is Sachin,born with a bat,
             not to defend but to attack

              From the helmet to the pads
he plays for the nation not for the ads

                   Be it Akhtar or Bret lee
he hits the ball where no one can see

It doesn't matter how is the crease
he has worked hard to bat with ease

His height is low but morals are high
which clearly shows his no of allies

Be it one day or a test
he is GOD but still modest

Outside the ground he does charity
    but on the pitch he defies gravity

He thinks with his brains not with his junk
             In his class even Warne will flunk

             He is consistent like a sage
with an average greater than his age

Learn from Sachin,through the tons he has made
Its not about the luck but success is Pre-paid


  1. chutiya hai kya tu???sahi se rap bhi nahi kar pata laude

  2. @Anonymous-Point hai....Nahi ata properly rap karna...Isilie koshish kar raha hun.....tujhe ata ho to sikha de yaar

  3. awesome chinmay!!! good creativity