Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anti-Intoxication Rap

Injurious to health and wealth,with a warning on its label
Why are you wasting time when your mind is so stable

Its a slow poison,making you slow
but it kills faster than sex kills a hoe
Its destroying your body from head to toe
then why are you puffing 6 packs in a row

It consumes 2 mins and deducts 5 from your life
why don't you rather have sex with your wife

Taking you to higher world,thats just a myth
That world is a Matrix and every cigar is a smith

You are just a sucker while cigarette smokes itself
if you just control it ain't gonna light itself

and Alcohol is fake,more dangerous than Osama
it will make you an agent Mahone stuck in Panama
If you hate yourself then enjoy your shot
You will get cancer and have to pee a lot

and CLASSIC ain't a classic and beer is a lie
we don't need Magic Moments to get high
Have milk instead and wank off every night
you will get higher and have 24-7 delight

I don't need ethanol nor i need a pill
look at me getting high at my will
Coz my way is one way ,it ain't has no junction
even infinity is not my maxima,i am a tan function


  1. hahahha .... mast!! world is a matrix and cigar is smith!! :) cool

  2. what about adding up the line:
    "Don't waste money in Bottles and pack(s),
    Just sing along with me this wonderful Rap"

  3. Toooooo good man!!!! Awesome.....