Friday, August 19, 2011

The Internship Story

"Ab dobaara maa ka doodh piyunga" were my first words when i got an internship at Mother Dairy @ Gandhinagar,although it never really happened.
Since the brand Amul is so popular my expectations were humongous.The working hours started from 9 so i reported 15 minutes early on my first day to make a good first impression.To my surprise i was asked to sit on the sofa and wait.After an hour i enquired about my status and i was told to relax till the procedure was done.At lunch time it was told "tumhara kaam ho raha hai " and 5  they said "kal se Ice Cream plant me aa jana ".On the first day itself i realized how good place IIT Kgp is.
I wasn't expecting anything worth happening in the next 8 weeks of internship only to realize that things don't happen by expecting.Soon i observed that the purpose of taking interns here was the shortage of labourers.The trainees were asked to do what labourers do-from packing to filling.They said that by this we will get a first on experience on how the production is done.I didn't protest as i needed the Certi and i couldn't have got internship elsewhere.
The temperature in the ice cream plant was around 20 and outside it was hot over 40.The process of going inside was like human pasteurization.Here the labourers are treated like slaves.They have to work for 8 hours and their wages per hour are even less than the legal drinking age.The main reason for this situation was the lack of unity among the workers.The situation is analogous to India against Corruption.

Apart from tiresome moments there were peaceful and nail-biting moments too.Since we handled Ice Creams,we had the opportunity to eat them(of course not legally).We used to go to a place where there were no cameras.And like an overconfident thief we thought that we were invincible.But surprise surprise-whenever something can go wrong,it does-Murphy's Law.I was almost dismissed from training.They also accused me of doing "chumma chaati" with a co-intern.I don't know from what angle they saw us but my mouth was definitely enjoying the layers of Sundae.And the girl was not even hot.Just because i am a Kgpian doesn't mean i am a despo.
Good or Bad it doesn't matter now.What matters is that it is over and i am over it.


  1. hilarious..humorous ....gawdapa

  2. gr8 shit man!! we cud write a buk!!