Thursday, April 15, 2010


*WARNING- this is part fact part fiction...if any of this comes out to be true it will be pure coincidence...
all this happened when i was having a dream..
i cant recall what happened before this.i just remember i was looking at a bright white light which was talking to me.
VOICE- welcome to my home son..
ME-what is this nonsense and who are you.
VOICE-this is my sacred home and i am god,the creator,controller and destroyer of the world you live in.
ME-i don't believe this some sort of joke?am i dreaming?
(i bite my hand to check.but to my surprise i  felt pain but was at the same place).
to myself(oh crap.this is really happening)
prove me that you are really a god.
VOICE-i am god.i don't need to prove myself.but for your satisfaction i will tell you some things about you which only you know.your atm pin code is 8769 and your bank account no is 459174309. may be god.but what did  you choose me?and how come you dont have other things to do.
VOICE-how do you forget that i can control time.i am beyond time and space.i can do anything i want,whenever i want.and i didn't choose you, it was random.
ME-so what do you want from me?
VOICE-i am bored.i just want to have a little fun..tell me. do you believe in me?
ME-its complicated.
VOICE-then simplify it.
ME-see.i believe in your existence but i don't believe in you.i don't trust you.
VOICE-how come you don't trust me.who do you think i am.
ME- i think you are like the evil programmer who creates viruses and spread them so that he can sell their antiviruses and make a lot of do bad things to people and make them pray to you so that you could save just want people to worship you.
VOICE-this is very rude of should be grateful you got an opportunity to talk to me.don't you know my powers.i can write your future.i can do anything to you.
ME-i am sure you can write my future.but 1 thing you cannot do is tell me my future.i bet you anything.
VOICE-you have just dug your own grave.i have written your will die after 2 days in an accident.what are you going to do about it?
ME-fine,i accept your challenge on 1 condition.if i die after 2 days i go to hell,but if  i prove your prophecy  wrong, i live as long as i wish.
VOICE-you are on.
the next minute i cut my vein and commit suicide.i die before god wanted me to.thus i win the bet and become immortal.oh wait what is this sound.that was the sound of my alarm.i wake up from the dream.oh that was a nice dream.but why is my hand still paining?


  1. kaise sochta hai tu ye sab....
    asit u simply rock.....\m/

  2. @above...thanks..i really appreciate it.
    @rest-it seems that all the comments are taken away by my so called "hugga" posts..anyhow don't comment if u don't want to..silent appreciation is all i ask.

  3. acha tha bey.............very much better than the previous post..
    but one request from my side(please dont post stupid posts like three mistakes of night...)