Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Way

i am gonna take the high way
no matter how much toll i have to pa
i dont give a crap to what u sa
i m gonna do it my wa

i know that people hate me
and critics always underestimate me
you think you are better then fight me
cant even do that then just bite me

this is not just another verse
i m gonna take the whole universe 
even if its cigar or the milky wa
i am gonna do it my wa

i am gonna break the mountain 
till the lava comes out like fountain
i dare devil to cross my lane
he dosent know what i contain 

i am gonna take the skyway
i got the wings now.. wat u say
i dont believe in your cliche
i am gonna do it my way

all suggestions are welcome...i will try to make it better....also there is a possibility of a rap-- courtesy pankaj 


  1. Nicely written ... In the beginning I thought that this poem might turn out to be like those which 9 year olds write ... But now that I've read it I find it quite a remarkable piece ..

    Definitely worth a rap

  2. thanks pundir bhai....i m glad u liked it :)

  3. lol....:P\m/ maa ke dalle

  4. chutiya pehli baar kuch achchha likha hai.....good