Sunday, September 19, 2010


All those who say "I am not afraid" are lying including EMINEM.....The main reason that people say this is that they are too afraid to accept their fear.But they don't understand that it is okay to be afraid as it is impossible not be afraid of anything.
Generally people don't understand the power of fear.Fear should be considered as an asset and not a liability.Fear can help you to do those things that you never imagined you could do.U just need to know how to use your fears.U know when you fight against your fear and become successful,it is one of the greatest joys.Thats where courage comes into picture.If there is no fear..u can never be courageous.

One way to fight against your fear is by using your other fears.Its similar to the concept of paying off the debt by taking another loan.I can quote my own example here.When i was a child i was afraid to jump over a fence having barbed wires.One day while playing cricket our ball went on the other side.So i went to the other side using the door.While i was searching for the ball a group of straydogs started to chase me..Oh i forgot to mention about my fear of dogs.Ok so they barked and i was so terrified that i jumped over the fence and without any scratch. And yes i got that ball and felt like i had two more.

So the lesson here is never let the fear come in the way of what you want.Next time you want something go for it and if you feel afraid think "if you dont do it now you will never be able to do it".If you still are not able to do it then remember that if you don't eliminate this fear,i am going to kick you in the rear...and i wear all the best and happy fear fighting..

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