Friday, August 3, 2012

I am after Federer and I am after Federer

Andy Murray was seen in full re-vengeance mode after defeating former world no 1 Djokovic recently."Djoker ka ,Rafa ka,sub ka badla lega ye Andy" quoted Murray inspired by GOW.Murray has stepped up to the challenge after a plaintive loss at Wimbledon.But he still blames Asit Godbole for deQuadirizing Federer and the officials for closing the roof."They disconnected me from God.That is so cruel".
Quite agitated on asked about being the favourite Brit, he says "Just prefixing it great dosn't make it that.It has to be made great by people like me"."Instead of supporting me the crowd should hoot Roger out of the match.I guarantee you that after our match the phrase "Roger that" will be extinct and so will Roger.A new phrase "hurray Murray" is coming soon" he continued.
Well i personally want Federer to punish Murray for making slighting remarks.This will add kerosene to his wounds and light it.

PS-All the statements made above are purely fictitious and any resemblance to truth only makes me awesomer. 

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