Friday, March 26, 2010


BELIEVER-its not gonna happen.
CHALLENGER-don't worry we will make it happen.
BELIEVER-you will fail.
CHALLENGER-how do you know.
BELIEVER-i believe.its the fate.
CHALLENGER-u are such a loser.
BELIEVER-watch your mouth.
CHALLENGER-i cant.i don't have a mirror.
BELIEVER-go to hell.
CHALLENGER-its not in my hands.
BELIEVER-so you agree that everything is not in your hands.u call yourself challenger but you are just like me.
CHALLENGER-ya but trying is in my hands.
BELIEVER-whats the point in trying if you know you are going to fail.
CHALLENGER-well,its better to try and fail rather than fail to try.
BELIEVER-if you challenge your fate you will fall flat on your face.
CHALLENGER-ya but if i surrender to the fate then i will fall flat on my balls.

to be or not to be continued depends on the comments..
nobody can stop me from writing.however i will publish only if you like this one..


  1. pehla acha post hai tere blog ka.... :)

  2. nice one.......i think believer should be named loser

  3. shanuj ja apni m** chu*** le..
    all posts r awesome GOD

  4. @shanuj-haha...nice joke....i know baki sare outstanding the ye sirf accha hai..
    @raj-he is not really a loser...u will find that on the next post.

  5. I think that a Pessimist and an Optimist would be more appropriate than a Believer and a Challenger. I feel that a Believer believes in himself and what he does. This may not always be in a negative sense,,,,,

  6. @ishan-its not in the negative sense ...wait for my next post

  7. mast yaar ... u r improving.... keep it up.. this one is really god (others were also good but this one is ur best) .

  8. @ anonymous....GAAND mein dum hai to apne naam se gali de ....darr kyu rha hai...