Thursday, March 11, 2010


i often wondered "whats the key to success?".hard work or luck?
most of my life i believed and was told by everyone that hard work is the only key to success.there is no such thing as luck.i even heard that luck only favors hard workers.

but now i am confused.i realized that not every hard worker is successful and not every successful person is a hard worker.

i have realized the importance of luck in life and i respect luck.hard work does not make everybody lucky but luck can always make a person hardworking and successful. but there is still one do we get lucky?can our luck be changed?

i guess these questions can never be what do we do?should we wait for our luck show our path?or should we work hard not thinking about anything else?
in this situation only one thing should be your instincts.and do what you believe in.if you are lucky..awesome.if not at least you have done what you believe.that will make you feel one can take this pleasure away from you.


  1. Quite a good post - Indeed live is a mixture of Luck and Work.
    However, if you have been unlucky (regardless of the work), you should never ever quit.
    Indeed, the third element is patience, winds are turning. Unlucky one day will be lucky an other one.
    Keep faith, keep working and never ever drop the ball.
    A friend from France

  2. thanks friend :)i really appreciate your inputs