Saturday, March 13, 2010

doing what you believe in

i have heard this many times"doing what you believe in is not sufficient".as many times i heard this the intention of saying this has always been "do as i say".
yes doing what you believe in is not sufficient.everybody can survive by "not doing what you believe in" and by this i mean "doing what you are told".but is life really about survival?the answer is NO.
life is about living it to the fullest.its about pursuing your dreams no matter what the result will be,no matter what people think about it.because your life belongs to you,not to the rest of the world.
one person i really admire in this case is RGV.he has given so many flops.but he does not stop just because he is criticized.he does what he believes in.

when i started blogging many people criticized my blog and i know that they will continue doing it in future.but this is not going to stop me from blogging.of course i don't like being criticized by my friends.but if i stop doing what i want and like to do my heart will criticize my balls.and i don't want that.


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