Thursday, April 1, 2010


We do so many things in our life because we actually don't want to do them...Let me elaborate.
 I actually don't like to study.We(at least i) study just because after studying i no longer have to study.
We sleep because after sleeping we no longer have to sleep.So we don't like to sleep but still we sleep.
We poop because after doing so we no longer want to do it...
The list is endless. But we have to do these things as there is no escape.At least from now on lets do those things which we actually want to do and not because we want to get rid of them..I am sure this will make your life much more joyful.


  1. dil baat bol di GODU..very nyc..:)

  2. nice work asit... keep it up...

  3. thank you for such honest(i hope so) comments..
    blogging makes me happy but the comments make me happier.and such positive response not only makes me feel good but also give me the licence to ping others :P

  4. mere ko aisa kyun lagta hai ki tune harek baat me junta ki seekh dene ki koshish ki hai ...


    btw keep it up !!

    will expect 4 some interesting ones in future 4m our God

    I think it does not seems fake 2 u (my comment)