Thursday, April 29, 2010


prerequisite-AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD....

ooh... actually that was not the way i woke up...this is what exactly happened before i woke up

ME-(to myself-wow i became the first person to get immortal by dying.)
        look i won the were so wrong.even your so called rules have loopholes.
VOICE- may be my system have some flaws but who doesn't have flaws.
ME-i don't have flaws.look i became immortal.i will live till eternity.
VOICE-you just forgot actually are not immortal..
VOICE- you wished to live as long as you wanted,not till eternity.check the transcript.
ME-oh no...
VOICE-you are trapped now..
ME-wait..i will now live as long as i want.And i want to life forever.
VOICE-you are wrong again.what you want now doesn't matter.what you will want in future matters...haven't you learnt anything from the movie"21".you forgot to account for the variable change.
ME-but i will always want to life forever.
VOICE- will live till you want.but what you want in future is not in your hands now.i will make your life will beg for death.
ME-i will never wish for death,no matter what....
VOICE- you are again forgetting something.this is your dream.but when you wake up you will have no memory of this dream.and i will make sure you wish for death one day.
ME-please don't do that...
VOICE-perhaps we can make a deal....your life will be that of an average human but i will make sure you will enjoy a lot..
ME-ok ok....but why do you want to do this?
VOICE-didn't i tell you...i was bored ....and you actually thought i didn't know you were going to suicide....
ME-then why do you play such pranks?
VOICE-it amuses me... and more importantly you had become arrogant and overconfident....somebody had to show you your right place...

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