Saturday, April 3, 2010


Dr Sheldon Cooper's legendary  dialog "Fear of heights is illogical while fear of falling down is prudent and evolutionary" made me think a lot about fears and ways to deal with them.Some have fear of insects while some have fear of failure,closed spaces,awkward silences,particular type of noise etc etc..But out of all these fears i will be able to discuss only about fear of failure.
So many times i have heard people(including myself) saying "what if i fail?".. in my school days i was so afraid to see my answer sheet  that i literally peed(not in my pants) before doing so even though my exam went well....As i grew up and started studying less my fear got increased and @kgp  it became so high that i was afraid to go to the exam hall....and now i am even afraid to study.The moment i think of studying my mind makes me think of something else the next moment.
But recently i have realized that in most cases it is not the fear of failure it is the fear of taking the first step.We are certainly going to fail if we don't take the first step.After taking the first step there is no fear for the outcome of it..In my early days of blogging my hands shivered before clicking on "Publish Post"..because i thought i was afraid of the responses..but as soon as i realized about the above concept i clicked...and all the fear was gone..Soon after i overcame my fear of pinging anyone on my list...
Now i can say that best way to deal with fear is the old british rule more commonly known as "divide and rule"rule...Divide your goal into steps...Do the first step..and the fear of its outcome is gone..and then step by step complete your all steps and then your task is done*.Remember one thing ...If you really want something or someone you have to go for it.
Don't feel bad if you have fear.Because everybody has fear of something or other..Be courageous as Allan Harper says"Courage is not about absence of fear..courage is taking action despite fear".
I hope this helps everyone and myself(studying for endsems).
BTW sorry pankaj for "seekh dene ki koshish" but i had no other option.
*statutory warning-the above described method does not guarantee can only help you overcoming fear.    
ps-i sometimes exaggerate for effect.

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